Tradition and passion: the driving forces behind the first Palio race hosted by the Florentine Association of Historic Shops will take place on Sunday, November 17 starting at 1:00 PM at the New Visarno racecourse in Florence. Tradition is that characteristic element which animates the historic Florentine companies that have been carrying on their activities for generations. Passion is what you live and breathe in a historic racecourse, that excites horse lovers from Florence and Tuscany. The “twinning” between the Association and the Sanfelice  SRL corporation which oversees the New Visarno racecourse (, has matured with great spontaneity. On the one hand it is a partnership that bring together the excellence and prestige of Florence’s oldest businesses. On the other, we have one of the most important equestrian facilities in Italy, renowned for its beauty and tradition. On Sunday, November 17, of course you will not have the chance to cheer for the two Russian princes Demidoff and Poniatowski, but love and support for your own horse are certainly not inferior. The event is organised by Sanfelice SRL and the Association of Historic, Traditional and Typical Shops in Florence, under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and together with the collaboration of the Galileo Museum in Florence. Our partners, OmA (Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte – association for arts and crafts) and the Association of Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome will also be present at the event. The event was introduced this morning (Monday, November 11) at the Visarno racecourse during a press conference attended by Carlo Meli (representing Sanfelice SRL), by Gherardo Filistrucchi President of the Association of Historic, Traditional and Typical Shops in Florence and by Caterina Bellandi from Onlus Milano25, which will be presented with donations collected during the day (including the 2 euro entry fee for men – admission is free for women and children). A total of 53 horses are participating in the race, every single one celebrating the tradition and heritage in whose name and honour they are competing. The draw will be held on Friday, November 15 at 11:00 AM at Visarno. These following participating members will be present at the event: Antica Occhialeria, Argentiere Pagliai, Bottega d’arte Lastrucci, Bottega d’arte Maselli, Brovelli 1887, Ditta Isor, Dolce Emporio, Enoteca Alessi, F.lli Ugolini Bronzisti, Farmacia Paoletti, Filistrucchi, Floricoltura Vannucci, Fratelli Zanobini, G. Ugolini Mosaici, Gelateria Baroncini, Gelateria Perchè no!…, Geronico Pelletteria, Hotel Annalena, Hotel Monna Lisa, Il Civaiolo, La fiaschetteria, La pintatutto, Libreria Giorni, Macelleria Anzuini e Massi, Magna Charta, Marzotto Carta e Cartoni, Moleria Locchi, Orazio Nencioni, Ortofrutta Campolmi, Ottica Bongi, Pasticceria Sieni, Pelletteria Bruscoli, Pestelli Gioielleria, Picchiani e Barlacchi, Pizzicheria Porrati, Raspini, Ristorante Giannino in San Lorenzo, Ristorante pizzeria La bussola, Sandra Fancelli, Taf, Tessilarte, Trattoria Acquacotta, Trattoria Da Burde, Trattoria Gozzi, Trattoria Mario, Trattoria Palle d’oro, Trattoria Pallottino, Trattoria Sabatino, Trattoria Sostanza (Il troia), Ugo Poggi, Valigeria Gazzarrini, Vivoli Piero Il gelato, Zecchi Colori.  The races will begin on Sunday at 1:00 PM with the qualification rounds. The first two horses in each race will officially qualify to compete in the final, scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM. The ten lucky finalists will compete to win the beautiful banner designed and crafted especially for the occasion by Roberto Cavalli.